I am looking to start a service where I (or someone I employ) should take care of business or private individuals websites. For a small fee per month, I could see that their CMS with plugins are updated. And to provide support via email / skype / phone. There are certainly many companies or individuals who feel that running a website is a necessary evil and hire gladly remove it.

This then is also something I could work with than where in the world I am, which is a major advantage for me. Does anyone think this sounds like a good idea? Please contact me with comments or if you wish to purchase this service from me.

I have extensive experience in Joomla and now the latest year, WordPress. In such a service would I or any of my employees log on to your website as. 1 once a week and make sure that CMS and all plugins are up to date. Although we would suggest improvements regarding search engine optimization, performance and content in general. This work would probably then not included in the hour or two that are covered by the subscription.

What do you think is a reasonable price for such a service? 300 kr / month, or should it rather be included more hours and it will cost more?