Good way to promote website


I have long worked to develop various websites. Either for myself just because I think it's been fun, or for more commercial projects. In all cases (except Båtskolan) so the page does not become the success I had hoped and expected. This has largely been due to a lack of promotion of the page. Marketing a website is an incredibly complex and difficult history, In any case, if you ask me. There are many pieces of work to promote. Below I will write something about this.

First, the page must have been an interesting and / or useful content. Either very well-written text, or some type of tool that is useful for many.

It's also so than the good side you have so if nobody knows about it so it does not matter. What you want is the number of visitors. That of course depends on what reason you have to have a website, but in most cases you want to have more visitors. You may have a product or service you want to sell, or perhaps more idealistic reasons operates a site where you can earn revenue through advertising.

When you first have made a new and nice page so will work to market the page start. Inbound links are an important thing to have, then to other sites link to you. This allows you to let others do (which is better but takes more time) or it puts you started writing different posts and ads on various pages. Article directories are one way, Here is a list of some good.

In my next post I will write about Company Directories.