More and more motivated

For every day that passes here in Sweden so I become more and more motivated to stay in the Philippines for a long period of years. Especially in this snow- and slush-time now. Since it is also a big difference in how people are, in the Philippines cheering everyone on each other in a different way. They are kind to each other. Not as in Stockholm, where the biggest and strongest always wins. Here, it helps if you also are nasty… So no thanks to this! Climate is the second major difference between the countries. In Bohol, where we hold to tend to the climate be like a good Swedish summer. It's not sunny all the time, but it is generally low rainfall also every day. It's nice when there is some rain as it is often very hot. It does not directly colder when it rains (which in Sweden) but there is still more beautiful.

If you look at the climate in Bohol you will see that it rains about 1000 mm per year. The rain will be fairly spread throughout the year, but little more coming in June – October, and a little less in February – April. Now that we shall build the house soon so we imagine that collect rainwater to be used for shower, laundry and dishes. Since recycles wastewater from these and use it to flush toilets and water the flowers with. This is often called greywater. Drinking water is very difficult to do yourself, there are so many aspects to take into. So it will be that we buy drinking water instead.

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