Monthly Archives: February 2012

More and more motivated

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For every day that passes here in Sweden so I become more and more motivated to stay in the Philippines for a long period of years. Especially in this snow- and slush-time now. Since it is also a big difference in how people are, in the Philippines cheering everyone on each other in a different way. They are kind to each other. Not as in Stockholm, where the biggest and strongest always wins. Here, it helps if you also are nasty… So no thanks to this! Continue reading

Back in Sweden again…

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Now we have been back in Sweden for a little more than a week and the only thing I think about is how and when we can go down again. This weekend we have drawn a first drawing of the house we will build in the Philippines. Mark, we have that since a couple of years and now it begins to contract to build houses. This building will serve as our home while we are there, but also home to some of the people who will work with the construction of the next house. Continue reading

Not much done today

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Today's activities have consisted of a visit to a very nice and it seemed Alert adovkat. He was about 30 years and has received recommendations from friends. Possibly he can help us with various things with our company down here.

Then we spent a few hours in the ICM (Island City Mall) then a small Continue reading

First day with rain

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Today we woke up to rain for the first time since we got here. It's a bit nice actually, but setting it up a little when we were thinking we could go shopping for building materials today and just have a motorcycle available. Should we stay in the Philippines eachother longer so you have to almost have a car. We were by the way, looking at a Photos pickup other day. There is a Chinese brand but the motor and Continue reading


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Now we have been to Bohol just over a week. We were luckily hold of a great accommodation named Costa Bohol. It is Sharon and Benji who owns the place. There is a small but good pool shared in two small houses. It is situated on Panglao, yet close to Tagbilaran City if you want to buy some.

Then our friends Joan and Andy was so kind to lend us motorcycle so we can get around. Continue reading