Yet at Bohol 

Now today we are a turn at Seppo and Annabel in Cebu. The flight from Butuan would take about. 45 min bara men tog 20 my!!! Hur fel kan man ha!? In any case, it was nice to talk some shit with Seppo and Annabel. Tomorrow it's off to Bohol, I […]

Jetlaggad and Manila 

When we finally landed both figuratively and literally. The trip was tough, 5,5 tim to Doha, then 7,5 tim to Manila. When we arrived it was hot and humid, securely upward 30 degrees and almost 100% – ig humidity. The hotel had a van came and picked us up and took us to […]

In the Philippines! 

Right now it feels a bit surreal and strange, but in the morning I go and Lotiz to Philippines. It will be very nice to not freeze as soon as you walk outside the door. My brother Roger is still there and take care of our house while we're away. It is still very much one must consider […]

Our house in Kosta 

Hus i Kosta

We bought a house in the middle of the Kosta glassworks.